Caledonian Antisyzygy: Alex Massie says “No”

Wednesday, 17 September, 2014

When he’s not writing or giving interviews, Alex Massie Massie, who lives in Edinburgh, supports the Scottish football team Heart of Midlothian and plays for Selkirk Cricket Club. He’s got the credentials to vote “Yes” in tomorrow’s referendum, but he will be doing the opposite instead. Why?

“I’m voting No because the campaign has surprised me. It’s made me think about my country and, more than that, what it means to be a part of that country. I’ll vote No even though I think Scotland would do fine as an independent country.

Because, even more than the economic sleight-of-hand, I’ve been taken aback by the dishonesty of a campaign that claims you can end the United Kingdom as we know it but retain almost everything about the United Kingdom that actually makes it the United Kingdom.”

Remarking on Britain in Why I am voting No, Massie says it’s “a place in which I’m always Scottish but also, when it suits, British too. A country where you travel to very different places and still always come home without having been abroad.”

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