The drums of Catalonia

Sunday, 9 November, 2014

The Catalans are having a moment today. They’re holding a referendum of sorts on the notion of independence from Spain. But because central government in Madrid forbids the use of the “referendum” word in this case, Barcelona is forced to speak of “a non-binding, participatory process” instead. When Scotland held an independence referendum in September, EU leaders hailed it as an exercise in popular democracy, but they’re hostile to the right of Catalonia to make a similar decision. Why? “Apparently they have forgotten that the right of self-determination of nations is a long-standing, fundamental and universal principle of modern democracy.” So says Latvian writer Otto Ozols in an article for Delfi. Meanwhile, Sydney has voted on “el 9N.”

Catalonian drummers

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  1. Henry Barth says:

    Free Venice too, while we’re at it. I can hardly wait for Dandoland. Then Euskadi, of course. And why not Kerry? Already a Kingdom, so King Jackie Healy-Rae, progenitor of the Healy-Rae Dynasty, has a nice ring.