Wednesday, 25 March, 2015

n. Gas or oil that is ready to be fracked, but remains in the ground pending higher petroleum prices.”

The invaluable Word Spy is keeping our vocabulary fresh with updates  from The Financial Times, Barron’s and Bloomberg Business. And here’s another for the list:

“The backlog of wells waiting to be fracked ā€” some are calling it fracklog ā€” adds to the record above-ground inventories to restrain any significant price resurgence. Eventually, however, the economic fundamentals have to prevail, and we will settle down to a price around the true long-run marginal cost.” Source:

If you like etymology, you’ll love Keywords for the Age of Austerity by John Patrick Leary, Assistant Professor of English at Wayne State University. This is good:

Less moralistic than “nimble” and less prophetic than “innovation,” the concept of “flexibility” still retains some of the esoteric pixie dust that surrounds the cult of the innovator. “Innovation” frames wealth as the natural product of market-driven, individualistic, visionary creativity. With “flexibility” and the right software, our bosses can even conquer time, and bend it, along with us, to their immediate requirements.

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