Thursday, 9 July, 2015

“The film almost completely falls apart in a second half in which Reese and Sarah have to run through 2017 San Francisco to stop the launch of Genisys, an operating system designed to link everyone’s information and devices to a single, powerful system. (In a line that typifies Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier’s clunker-filled script, one character refers to it as “the ultimate killer app.” Heh.)”

A snippet there from a review of Terminator Genisys by Keith Phipps that appeared in The Dissolve on 30 June. Yesterday, it fell to the lot of Phipps to announce, out of the blue, the dissolve of The Dissolve: “For the past two years — well, two years this Friday — it’s been our pleasure to put up this site, a site founded on and driven by a love for movies, alongside a company with passion and talent for creating thoughtful, important work. Sadly, because of the various challenges inherent in launching a freestanding website in a crowded publishing environment, financial and otherwise, today is the last day we will be doing that.”

This is dispiriting as the critiques were superb. The list of Dissolve reviews is lengthy and each showcases fine writing and informed opinion so let’s hope that the archive will be preserved. The Terminator trundles on and on into an embarrassing future, but The Dissolve, unhappily, is no more:

“Terminator Genisys then becomes as loud as it is tedious, and cutesy touches like J.K. Simmons’ essentially pointless appearance as a drunk cop who believes in time travel don’t help. A montage in which Sarah, Reese, and Pops get arrested, set to Inner Circle’s ‘Bad Boys,’ made famous as the theme to Cops, plays like the series finding its nadir. Or, more accurately, the nadir of the nadir. Unavoidably, Genisys has Schwarzenegger’s T-800 promise ‘I’ll be back.’ Fine. But it’s probably time to shut down the lurching, brainless machine this franchise has become.”

The End

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