Saturday, 11 July, 2015

Ahetas was born in Australia, but grew up in Greece, appearing with various avant-garde and free bands in Athens. He spends his time between London and Athens.

Dubulah was born in Germany to a Greek mother and English father and grew up in London listening to Greek music and western music. He is now living in Spain.

With Greece facing Xáos, Ahetas and Dubulah have created a soundtrack for the crisis.

“Since the Xáos project commenced, European politics and economics have influenced the way the album has evolved. For in recent years, Greece has been a country in crisis, and the fight for survival against insane and counter-productive austerity measures has taken precedence over any cultural expression or art. There was little enough support for homegrown artists before the crisis began, but now there is almost none. But this is a country with a remarkable musical history and massive talent, without outlet or appreciation. And the fight-back has begun.”

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