Put the kettle on!

Sunday, 11 June, 2017

Drinking coffee and tea might offer us a vital life-saving benefit: protection from liver disease. A new study out of the Netherlands shows frequent coffee and even a small amount of tea can protect against liver fibrosis, part of the process of liver disease. The study’s lead author was Louise J. M. Alferink of the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam and the results were published in the Journal of Hepatology. The Dutch studied some 2,500 people, tracking their coffee and tea consumption as well as liver stiffness, which measures liver fibrosis. Lots of coffee and just a cuppa “were significantly associated with lower liver stiffness values.”

John Agard was born in June 1949 in British Guiana and now lives in Britain. In 2012, he was selected for the Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry. The Kettle is quintessentially British and it contains a great deal of Agardian wisdom that Theresa May might benefit from now, in her hour of need. “It’s not whether you lose / It not whether you win / It’s whether or not you’ve plugged the kettle in.”

The Kettle

Put the kettle on.
Put the kettle on.
It is the British answer
to Armageddon.
Never mind the taxes rise,
never mind trains are late.
There’s one thing you can be sure of
and that’s the kettle mate!
It’s not whether you lose,
It not whether you win,
It’s whether or not you’ve
plugged the kettle in.
May the kettle ever hiss,
may the kettle ever steam,
it is the engine that drives our nations dream.
Long live the kettle
that rules over us.
May it be lime scale free
and may it never rust.
Sing it on the beaches,
sing it from the house tops;
the sun may set on empire
but the kettle never stops.

John Agard

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