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Monday, 9 October, 2017

Want to spend a few grand on an e-bike? Stuttgart-HQd Bosch will be happy to trouser it. The new Bosch eBike ABS, which goes on sale next year, won’t be cheap, but it comes with ABS and that’s worth a lot, Bosch claims. The technology is being marketed as the first standard anti-lock braking system for e-bikes and anything that contributes to safety is valuable. Bosch is definitely serious about this industry as it demonstrated last month when its eBike Systems division acquired COBI, a connected biking startup.

Anything (engineering) the Germans can do, the Swiss can do as well and the Bosch eBike ABS will get a run for its money next year when the Stromer ST5 hits the streets. Again, be prepared to dig deep for this one, but there is consolation in the fact that there are almost a thousand e-bike models on the market and prices are falling. The only downside to the upside is that bike lanes are getting crowded with ever faster (uninsured) e-machines and when they are combined with increasing bike rage, cycling may not be the healthy, happy, stress-free alternative to automobile transport that it was supposed to be. Maybe Bosch and Stromer can help solve that one, too.

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