World Cup: Adidas vs. Nike

Wednesday, 4 July, 2018

Forget about the football. The real battle of this World Cup is the branding one between Adidas and Nike, and the Americans are beating the Germans as we approach the final!

Adidas began well, sponsoring 12 of the 32 teams, including favourites Germany and Spain. Nike supplied shirts for 10 countries. But look what’s happening now: The Nike swoosh adorns the proud quarter-final chests of Brazil, France, Croatia and England, while Adidas has but Belgium, Russia and Sweden, with the group of the last eight rounded out by Uruguay, which is sponsored by Puma.

It all started to go pear-shaped for Adidas on 27 June with the shock elimination of World Champions Germany from the tournament. Its shares fell 2.7 percent in the following trading session. After all, Germany accounted for a third of Adidas’ roughly nine million team jersey sales in 2014. And at the weekend, two very high-profile Adidas-sponsored teams, Argentina and Spain, were eliminated, and Mexico (Adidas) lost to Brazil (Nike) on Monday. Calamity! Since the start of the World Cup on 14 June, Nike’s stock is up almost three percent. Adidas has lost about five percent. We say: Nike for the win, Adidas for the discount.


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