Eamonn Fitzgerald Eamonn Fitzgerald has seen more rainy days than he’d like to remember. But, then, when one grows up in the south-west of Ireland, rainy days are regular. One would imagine that a childhood spent in a subsistence farming economy could offer little in the way of escapism, but the rural Ireland that existed before the country became a member of the European Union was an 18th-century society of material poverty that was counterbalanced by a vital belief in the fantastic.

That a career in the media would follow such an upbringing might sound implausible, but in a business that calls for creativity a background in storytelling is advantageous. Schooling in Limerick and Dublin led to work in London, and the path that began in farming in the shadow of the Galtee Mountains eventually involved transitions that covered construction work, radio presenting, journalism and editing.

The path from London wound its way to New York and duties at The Nation and The New York Review of Books. The next move was to Munich and a metamorphosis into English teaching. The web provided the platform for the next change and interesting times at Spotlight and New7Wonders. “The Road Goes Ever On”, sang Bilbo Baggins.