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Henry Flynt: obscure, genius musician

Saturday, 9 March, 2013 0 Comments

“Near the conclusion of ‘Hillbilly Jive,’ the composer goes into a bit of high-pitched violin playing that is amazingly evocative, bringing to mind the sounds of traditional Appalachian hollerin’, heard at a great distance.” The violin/fiddle player in question here is the American philosopher Henry Flynt, “a composer of the post-Cage school who quickly turned completely against modernist music and created his own Flynt genres, primarily through radicalizing Southern musical forms like Bluegrass, Country, and Country Blues-elevating them to an enchanted level, much as Coltrane did with the jazz of his time.” So declares UbuWeb, which has put a treasure trove of Flynt’s music online. This is the sublime You Are My Everlovin’.