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Serenity Caldwell’s 9.7 iPad review

Tuesday, 17 April, 2018 0 Comments

“Drawn, written, edited, and produced with an iPad,” it was, she says. Bottom line: “The price is right. The tools are superb. This is the tablet I’ve been wanting since Jobs came out in 2010 to introduce the original iPad.” Serenity Caldwell admits it’s easy to make that claim, so she decided to prove it. Beginning with a blank page in the Procreate app, she created a iPad review video using her 2018 device, Apple Pencil and third-party apps.

Serenity Caldwell is the Managing Editor at iMore, and she’s “been talking, writing about, and tinkering with Apple products since she was old enough to double-click.” She really loves her 9.7 iPad.

“To me, the 2018 base-model 9.7-inch iPad is a special beast: It hits a line drive right through the company’s fabled intersection of technology and liberal arts — and at the right price point. The iPad Pro did it first, but at a cost unattainable for all but the tinkerers and serious artists, and without iOS 11’s crucial multitasking features. At $329, the iPad offers a low-end tablet experience unlike any other on the market. Add an extra $99 for Apple Pencil, and Apple has created the best device for all-purpose education, period.”

Side effects of the global drug

Tuesday, 3 April, 2018 0 Comments

“Social media is tailor-made to soothe the anxieties of a population in turmoil, unite a society fractured by change,” says the British creative Chris Cousins. But he’s come to regard “ubiquitous” social media as a “global drug” and, he notes, “As with any new drug, there can be side effects.” Hence, his video clip titled “Side Effects.”

By the way, the drum machine track for this clip was made “using DM1 on an iPad,” says Cousins. What’s DM1? It’s “an advanced vintage Drum Machine. It turns your iPad into a fun and creative beat making machine. Easy and fast to use, loaded with 99 superb electronic drum kits and beautiful hyper-realistic graphics, DM1 has been designed for a lot of instant fun.” Addictive. Almost.

Expressive video, says Apple

Wednesday, 22 March, 2017 0 Comments

Cupertino, California — “Apple today introduced Clips, a new app that makes it quick and fun for anyone to create expressive videos on iPhone and iPad. The app features a unique design for combining video clips, photos and music into great-looking videos to share with friends through the Messages app, or on Instagram, Facebook and other popular social networks.”

That’s how yesterday’s PR release from Apple about its new Clips app begins. The word “expressive” does not appear anywhere in the Clips text so the curious reader has to search further for enlightenment. Is expressive video like immersive video? Or is it a format like FLV video, MP4 video or AVI video?

Susan Prescott, Apple’s VP of Apps Product Marketing, has the answer: “Clips gives iPhone and iPad users a new way to express themselves through video, and it’s incredibly easy to use.” Ah, so obvioius. And it’s incredibly easy for Apple to create new video categories. After expressive video, we can expect communicative video, indicative video, demonstrative video and assertive video, no doubt.

The most interesting aspect of Clips is what Apple calls “Live Titles.” This feature lets users create animated captions and titles using their voice. Effects include speech bubbles, shapes and posters. The captions are generated automatically, as you speak, appearing on screen synced with your voice and you can change them by adding your own text, punctuation or emoji.

Live Titles supports 36 different languages and the Clips app will be available for free in the App Store at the beginning in April. Over to you, Samsung.


Despites the tablets, The Daily died

Tuesday, 4 December, 2012 0 Comments

“The Australian-born media mogul thought he could launch a new breed of news product from scratch. But in his quest for bold digital efficiency, he failed to see that a news product with no history, no breadth, no soul, no character could only face an uncertain future.” So noted Frédéric Filloux about The Daily, the […]

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Getting responsive

Monday, 19 November, 2012 1 Comment

As a motto, ABO: Always Be Optimizing doesn’t sound half as compelling as ABC: Always Be Closing, which was immortalized by Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross, but it’s useful and less menacing. If your business involves getting people to read your digital content, ABO is far better than ABC. In this era of devices, […]

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The ageing, tiring Li-on in the machine

Friday, 2 November, 2012 0 Comments

Apple’s iPad Mini goes on sale today and lots of early-bird geeks are busily tearing down the device in one of those weird rituals that has become associated with product launches. Regardless of the hype about how magical these products are, however, all portable electronic devices have a battery and batteries do wear out over […]

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