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We’re remembering the 16th anniversary of 9/11 this week by looking at some of the photographs collected by the Berlin-based artists Stefka Ammon and Robert Ziegler for their 9/11 remembrance project devoted to tourist images of the World Trade Center. This is “MY_WTC #517 | Dyanna 1991 | My Sibs & I.”

“Every year my family would take 2 car trips from DC to New York because my parents loved the city so much. I hated car trips so I always slept through most of the ride but would always wake up to see the skyline as we approached, specifically looking for the twin towers (WTC). September 11, 2001 changed all that but I will never forget that long elevator ride my family and I took all the way to the top of the tower (captured in this photo) or the beauty those buildings added to the city of New York.”

Their WTC

9/11 and MY_WTC

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It’s been 16 years to the day since Islamist terrorists used hijacked planes to declare war upon the West and murder some 3,000 innocent people in the process. Those who experienced what has become known as 9/11 will never forget that infamous day and it is our duty to remember it annually and perpetually.

The Berlin-based artists Stefka Ammon and Robert Ziegler have created a project in remembrance of 9/11 in the form of a website devoted to photos of the World Trade Center submitted by people who visited New York City between 1966 and 2001. For the remainder of the week, here, our posts will be devoted to those images. We begin with the photograph titled “MY_WTC #25 | Freidoun 1994,” which was taken from a Hudson River boat filled with tourists. The light creates a dramatic panorama and the spell-binding buildings are magnificent and heart-breakingingly vulnerable.

The World Trade Center