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Post from Kathmandu

Wednesday, 10 May, 2017 0 Comments

One in two Nepalis now use the internet, according to the latest report by the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA). There are 14.18 million internet subscribers in the landlocked Himalayan country, or nearly 56 percent of the national population of 26.49 million, writes The Kathmandu Post. “The report shows that internet penetration has increased by a whopping 18.22 percent over the year ending mid-February,” says the Post, adding: “Almost all the growth in web connectivity has come from mobiles as more and more people are using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.”

Mr. Digambar Jha  Chairman of the NTA The Malaysian company Ncell has 6.21 million subscribers, representing 42.05 percent of the market. It posted a 2.4 percent growth in revenue in 2016, “driven by a significant rise in its data receipts.”

This news will be welcomed by Mr. Digambar Jha, the Chairman of the NTA. His rivals for the job challenged his appointment on the that he did not possess the required qualifications for the post. They pointed out that while he did hold a BA in mechanical engineering, he had no expertise in the telecom sector. The court, however, sided with Chairman Jha.

Meanwhile in Nepal, “A cholera epidemic since the past few days in Musahar settlement in Kachanari of Bariyarpatti Village Council of Siraha has claimed a girl,” reports The Post.