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Choose your picture framers carefully

Wednesday, 31 July, 2019


The second post of pre-Christmas 2018: February

Friday, 14 December, 2018

As we continue with our review of the year that began yesterday, it’s worth noting that along with the word, the image is mission critical, as the jargon merchants say, at Rainy Day. On 15 February, the subject was a black-and-white photo taken in Spain during Holy Week by Michail Christodoulopoulos.


For its Black and White Quest, 500px asked for submissions that were stronger without colour. The winner is Michail Christodoulopoulos with this evocative Semana Santa image. Why did the judges pick it? “This is a perfect use of black and white — it emphasizes its mood and tone. The shallow depth of field and composition makes the viewer’s eye go back and forth through this line of men and their expressions.”

Semana Santa

And the story behind the winning entry: “This photo was taken in Malaga last year during the Semana Santa / Holy Week,” says Christodoulopoulos. “I’ve been living in Spain for almost 14 years, but I never miss the processions from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, where the confraternities of Malaga carry their floats, representing the Passion of Christ from His entry into Jerusalem to His Resurrection.”


Tomorrow, here, the third post of pre-Christmas 2018 review is from March and it’s about the great piper Liam O’Flynn. “His absence is like the sky, spread over everything,” to paraphrase C.S. Lewis in A Grief Observed.

The Signposts of Happiness

Wednesday, 27 December, 2017 0 Comments

“We need a home in the psychological sense as much as we need one in the physical: to compensate for a vulnerability. We need a refuge to shore up our states of mind, because so much of the world is opposed to our allegiances. We need our rooms to align us to desirable versions of ourselves and to keep alive the important, evanescent sides of us.” — Alain de Botton, The Architecture of Happiness

Home signposts

Joel Meyerowitz: It’s what you put in the frame

Thursday, 31 August, 2017 0 Comments

The great American photographer, Joel Meyerowitz, once said: “I think about photographs as being full, or empty. You picture something in a frame and it’s got lots of accounting going on in it — stones and buildings and trees and air — but that’s not what fills up a frame. You fill up the frame with feelings, energy, discovery, and risk, and leave room enough for someone else to get in there.”

There’s plenty of room for us to get into to this typical Meyerowitz photo titled “Storm Over Corn Hill Beach”. By the way Corn Hill Beach is located in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Cape Cod storm

Here, Joel Meyerowitz explains his photography philosophy. It’s about your camera and, especially, it’s about what you put in the frame, he says.

Diving can be a leap of faith

Saturday, 13 May, 2017 0 Comments

“Do not think to swim below. The ocean is already pushing into ears, sinuses, temples, the softness of eyes, and the harpsichord strings behind the kneecaps.” — J.M. Ledgard

No Diving

Plate and palate and photography

Monday, 8 May, 2017 0 Comments

The food photographer Eric Wolfinger is a cook who has found his vocation via the camera lens. His global travels have led to the creation of Beyond the Plate, a SmugMug documentary for foodies and photographers.

He heard things no one else had ever heard

Tuesday, 28 July, 2015 0 Comments

 Dublin head

“People felt themselves watching him even before they knew that there was anything different about him. His eyes made a person think that he heard things that no one else had ever heard, that he knew things no one had ever guessed before. He did not seem quite human.”

Carson McCullers, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

Blueblack, bonewhite light

Wednesday, 19 November, 2014 1 Comment


“The night sky is only a sort of carbon paper,
Blueblack, with the much-poked periods of stars
Letting in the light, peephole after peephole —
A bonewhite light, like death, behind all things.”

Sylvia Plath

Red, White, and Blue

Sunday, 24 November, 2013 0 Comments

In September last year, the American rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd appeared on stage without the Confederate Flag as their backdrop. The controversial emblem had for years been part of their concert show, but they decided to abandon it, arguing that they didn’t want to be associated with “extremists” who had adopted it as their own. […]

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The Door in the Wall

Sunday, 27 October, 2013 0 Comments

“The man who comes back through the Door in the Wall will never be quite the same as the man who went out. He will be wiser but less sure, happier but less self-satisfied, humbler in acknowledging his ignorance yet better equipped to understand the relationship of words to things, of systematic reasoning to the […]

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Dreaming horse

Sunday, 29 September, 2013 0 Comments

“…and in his sleep he dreamt of horses and the horses in his dream moved gravely among the tilted stones like horses come upon an antique site where some ordering of the world had failed and if anything had been written on the stones the weathers had taken it away again and the horses were […]

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