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Friday, 2 August, 2019

The Urban Dictionary has its own set of descriptions and examples, but we have to scroll down to the seventh definition to find “butt” in the sense of “the remaining end of a smoked cigarette”. Ass is in there, of course, but we have to jump from there to find “bootie“, the butt word of our time. The OED offers 14 entries for butt as a noun and the most common is: “The thicker end of anything, esp. of a tool or weapon, the part by which it is held or on which it rests; e.g. the lower end of a spear-shaft, whip-handle, fishing-rod, the broad end of the stock of a gun or pistol.” According to the OED, the meaning of butt as the “remainder of a smoked cigarette” was first recorded in 1847.


Up top

Thursday, 10 May, 2018 0 Comments

According to the Urban Dictionary, “Up top” is an exclamation made just before giving a high five to someone to indicate that the high five is coming. Example:

Donald: “So I told Angela that I was going to kick Putin’s ass if he tried to pull another Crimea move while I’m in charge here.”
Emmanuel: “Up top!”

Up top

Hen party

Sunday, 2 September, 2012

hen party “When a random group of girls decides to get together. Not letting boys ruin their gongshow, and just basically girls being girls. You’re with your fellow ladies, and don’t have to worry about looking too hot or anything, boys are not present, and you basically just have the time of your life with […]

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